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...The technology sector is one of the fastest growing areas in the economy now and is forecast to be robust well into the future, offering stable, high-paying jobs and opportunities to advance to C-level positions and all the way into the Board Room?

...But, according to the National Center for Women in Technology, the number of women earning degrees in computer science has dropped from 37% (in the mid-1980s) to a dismal 18% in 2015?  Women still make up only 23% of the IT workforce across the country!

Women are missing out on one of the most promising career tracks ever seen!  This impacts women individually as well as all of Michigan as our employers are desperately seeking information technology talent and expertise!

MCWT delivers programs starting in middle school that engage girls in technology and give them technical skills and a vision of how varied and interesting a career in technology can be.  And we continue to engage them through high school and college with skill and personal development through clubs, programs and competitions.  We mentor them in their early and mid-career time and ask them to give their time and wisdom as they progress into later stages where they have much to share. Our “life-cycle” strategy is designed to make Michigan the number one state for women in IT! Click here to learn more about MCWT's impact.

YOU can help make this happen by supporting MCWT with a 100% tax-deductible donation today.

The MCWT Lifetime Giving Program allows you to select a giving level that’s right for you, and allows you to ‘grow into’ the next level through the years and receive increased recognition.

No ‘byte’ is too big or too small!  

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$1-$100: Bits and Bytes   $1000: Terabyte
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$500: Megabyte   $5000: Exabyte
      $10,000: Zettabyte

Our Foundation is a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring and growing women in IT. Your donation—which is 100 percent tax deductible—enables us to continue our work to bridge the IT gender gap and positively impact girls and women in Michigan's technology community.

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