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Middle and High School Programming

We help cultivate Michigan girls' technology talents and ambitions through these programs:

  • Camp Infinity: is where 4th through 7th graders take classes on robotics, video game and website design, and work in teams to learn about computer science and engineering. 
  • GET IT Girls Clubs: after-school club for high school girlswith hands-on learning in coding, web,design, robotics and mobile apps. Girls usually participate in the annual MCWT Web Design Competition.
  • Robotics grants: These grants fund middle- and high-school teams in the international RoboFest.
  • Website Design Competition: High school girls compete for cash awards while learning graphic design development, HTML and sound technology principles
    • 12th Annual Website Design Competition - Will Open for Registration in early-October!
      For High School Girls in Southeast Michigan
      Last Year's Competition Theme: Love Those Pets! Contestants will create a website that illustrates pets that you love. This could include your own pet, a neighbor's pet, a pet that you wish you could have, or perhaps pets at an animal shelter. 

      Find complete information, rules, and registration links here: