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2018 MCWT Events and Programs Calendar

Volunteer RecognitionJan 18, 2018Invite Only 
ConnectNetJan 25, 2018TBD 
CIO BreakfastFeb 22, 2018Invite Only 
Girls Rock ITMar 24, 2018West Michigan 
ConnectNetApr 17, 2018TBD 
Girls Are ITApr 19, 2018WSU 
ECS ReceptionMay 30, 2018Invite Only 
ECS SummitMay 31, 2018TBD 
Scholarship RecognitionJun 14, 2018TBD 
ConnectNetAug 21, 2018TBD 
ConnectNetNov 20, 2018TBD 


Everything we do centers on inspring and growing women in technology. MCWT is on a mission to help women consider, advance and stay in IT. We work to broadly reach young girls to get them to consider technology and deeply connecting with women who choose the IT path.

We do this in two ways:

  • Spark students' interest in IT through robotics, website design competitions, summer tech
    camps and more 
  • Engage 700-plus members through eLearning, professional development events, networking
    and mentoring

This work allows us to not only create a steady stream of women ready to enter the technology workforce but also supports them throughout their professional life.

To influence long-term change, we need to make a impact early in girls' lives. We help them learn about and experience careers in IT, have fun with technology, get scholarships to pursue a technical career and gain visibility within the IT industry.

Since 2002, we've been expanding our reach, mainstreaming IT, and positively impacting women from grade school to post-unversity life stages.

A portion of your membership dues and donations from our corporate partners enables us to continue the momentum.