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We provide scholarships and support special programming through our Foundation thanks to contributions from our corporate partners and volunteer efforts of nearly 200 active MCWT members.

As a result, we award a minimum of the following scholarships and grants to women pursuing technology:

  • One high school senior at $5,000 annually, renewable for four years
  • One Get IT (Girls Exploring Together - Information Technology) as $5000, renewal for four years
  • One undergraduate student at $5,000 annually, renewable for three years
  • One graduate-level student at $5,000 annually, renewable for two additional years

2014-2015 Applications in Word 2010 can be downloaded here
2014-2015 Applications in Word 2003 can be downloaded here.

Scholarship guidelines are here.

We have a strong retention rate for our university and post-university technical scholarship winners. Since we began granting scholarships, 98% have graduated with their technical degrees or are still in their programs.


Our 2013 MCWT Foundation Scholarship Winners!
The following young women have been selected as recipients of MCWT Scholarships and laptops in 2013/14 school year. Congratulations to all! We look forward to following your careers! Applications for 2014/15 school year will be posted Oct. 1, 2013. Deadline for entry is January 31, 2014.

MCWT Undergraduate Scholarship - Hannah Wampler
Hannah is entering her 2nd year at Michigan Tech University where she carries a 4.0 GPA in Computer Science. She grew up in Grand Haven and loves astronomy, rocks, and minerals. Hannah’s extracurricular activities include the “BonzAI Brawl” programming competition and Women in Computer Science club.
In her own words: My goal is to find a career that combines computer science and statistics. I’m especially interested in bioinformatics and data mining.
From her teacher: Hannah demonstrates an aptitude for test-enhanced programming, one of the most difficult lessons my course provides.


MCWT Undergraduate Scholarship - Mairin Chesney
Mairin majors in both Computer Science and Chinese at Michigan State University, where she carries a 4.0 GPA, while also minoring in Theater. As a junior at MSU, Mairin serves as president of the Women in Computing club. She is also a member of the Women’s Chamber Ensemble. Last summer, she interned at Google’s HQ in Kirkland WA.
In her own words: I will always be encouraging young girls to rip apart computers and explore computer science. I am forever grateful to my father, who lovingly brought me into computer science. And I love calling my mom to say, ‘Guess what we did in computer class today?’
From her teacher: The critical thinking skills that she regularly displays rival those of most graduate students five years her senior.

MCWT High School Senior 4 Year College Scholarship - Chloe D. Jennings
Chloe is a 2013 graduate of Lake Shore High School in St. Clair Shores. Her GPA is 4.07. She won 2nd place in MCWT’s Web Design Contest. Chloe heads to MSU this fall where she will double major in Computer Engineering and Art. The Red Cross values Chloe as a regular blood donor. At MSU, Chloe hopes to participate in Color Guard.
In her own words: I will be the first Jennings to attend college of all my relatives – from my grandfather down to my cousins. Being a leader, to me, means being a good example to my five younger siblings.
From her teacher: Chloe is an extraordinary student with insurmountable passion. She truly is a star in every sense of the word.

MCWT Graduate Scholarship - Ying Ying Liu
Although born in Iowa, Ying has found a home in Ann Arbor, where she carries a 4.0 at U of M. She is working toward a Masters of Science in Information.  She spent a semester abroad in Rome.  In her spare time, Ying is a member of U of M’s Argentine Tango Club.
In her own words: I participate in informal code jams held throughout the year, including the Google Design Jam. I am hoping for a career in Human-Computer Interaction.
From her teacher: I’ve noticed Ying consistently push her fellow group members to think in novel ways. She is passionate about assisting others, and it shows.

MCWT GET IT Girl 4 Year College Scholarship - Rachel Xiang
Rachel graduates from Canton HS with a 4.25 GPA. She is a 2-time winner of the MCWT Web Design Contest and a charter member of the MCWT GET IT club at her school. Her ACT score is 35 out of 36. Rachel will attend U of M and will major in Computer Programming.  Rachel also volunteers at the Canton Library, helping older residents learn about computers.
In her own words: In I.T., I’ll always be challenged and I’ll never be bored.  Perhaps I’ll help develop the next sassy artificial intelligence assistant. I also want to fight against the misconception that I.T. isn’t ‘girly.’
From her teacher: In addition to earning the highest individual scores in Physics Quiz Bowl, Rachel is articulate, generous, and gregarious.

Laptop Award - Sophie Li
Sophia won 1st Place in MCWT’s Web Design Contest for HS Girls this year. She attends the International Academy-East in Troy and is headed to prestigious Olin College of Engineering in September. She is fluent in multiple verbal languages as well as several programming languages. She is a singer, an artist, and a member of the Detroit Symphony Youth Orchestra.
In her own words: Computers are more than a mere high school crush. I was Isolde and computers had become my Tristan.
From her teacher: Sophia has created a culture of caring in our school. She excels in Math and Science and is also an incredible singer and artist.

Laptop Award - Megan Gebhard
Megan will study at M.I. T, after full time dual enrollment at MSU. She earned a 4.0 while still a 2013 senior at Howell High School. She is a Gold Medalist in national-level Volleyball and recently tried out for Junior Olympics.
In her own words: I love front-end development and problem solving. My goal is to write software that can make a difference (and) be a part of the revolution where technology will help create things we may not even dream of now.
From her teacher: Her teachers and peers respect her outgoing character and optimistic attitude. Megan has an aversion to mediocrity.

Laptop Award - Kaitlin Davis
Kaitlin hails from Port Huron, where she was her high school Valedictorian. She is a junior at Michigan State University with a 3.56 GPA, majoring in Computer Science. She hosts technology workshops for the Girls Scouts, competes in campus programming challenges, and enjoys membership in MSU’s Women in Computing club.
In her own words: I changed my major to Computer Science and really feel like I found what I want to do for the rest of my life.
From her teacher: Kaitlin did ten projects in my C++ programming class and earned 4.0 scores in all ten. In addition, she always helped other students in the lab. She is well organized, serious, and dedicated.